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Winning design

Business Card for STS Managing Director

Acting School...

By sydneytheatreschool in Business card

118 Entries $259 bronze price
Winning design

Need to make GT HOSES brand jump out!!!

We are the leading provider of on-site, mobile hose and fitting services to the mining, agriculture, manufacturing, i...

By Rach McD in Business card

281 Entries $637 silver price
Winning design

Create new business cards for Optimal Group

We are a distributor for a high tech, low emission power generation technology (so needs to include their and our log...

By kane.ravenscroft in Business card

189 Entries $299 silver price
Winning design

Create awesome business card for niche medical supply & training company.

We sell medical equipment to the military, police and ambulance/rescue. We also provide specialist medical & first ai...

By jeremy fV in Business card

399 Entries $379 silver price
Winning design

Create a Business Card for a Party Hire Company

We hire party and event equipment for parties, functions and events. Our target audience are private parties, commer...

By rynman in Business card

149 Entries $259 bronze price
Winning design

YourCorner Business Stationary

Boutique financial services business...

By Matthew YCG in Business card

119 Entries $799 gold price
Winning design

**Love the life you live**Live the life you love**Business Card Design - Master Coach

I provide professional life coaching services to people during relationship and career transitions. I also use aroma...

By heather.dawn.miller in Business card

17 Entries US$999 platinum price
Winning design

Create clean, crisp and sharp image for Golf Professional

I am a Golf Professional and offer my service expertise in the way of golf lessons, club fitting, hosting golf trips ...

By jcollins V in Business card

300 Entries $259 bronze price
Winning design

Contemporary Business Card for Mobile Technology Company

SWRemote makes mobile (iOS/Android) apps for contractors in the residential home services industry that help companie...

By SWRemote in Business card

24 Entries US$643 platinum price
Winning design

AIW Rebrand - create a new design package for a corporate client

We sell commercial high volume print to business customers - primarily in the retail/magazine area...

By ryan A6 in Business card

180 Entries $1,017 gold price
Winning design

Create a business card for entrepreneur with multiple businesses

I would like a business card for an individual. No specific business is associated with the card....

By alan FT in Business card

341 Entries US$599 gold price
Winning design

Business card based on logo for largest neighborhood network website in the US

We help build stronger neighborhoods by providing a communications service that connect police, schools, and resident...

By ericliu Z in Business card

94 Entries US$999 platinum price

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