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Contest title


Help SilkBricks with a new button or icon


SilkBricks is a business application for talent management en strategy alignment

Background information

Organization name


Description of the organization and its target audience

SilkBricks is a business application for talent management en strategy alignment.



Content details


We need a set of icon that represent the following.

1. Home
2. Profile, in this module a user can create or edit his/her profile
3. Target point, in this module managers can define the organization strategy
4.Coaching program, we have c coach program where coach and coachee can meet and make appointments and taks.
6. Report, in this module you user can reed de statistics of the community
7. Personal Leadership, we have a leadership program in SilkBricks consiting of 4 fases

8 In SilkBricks we have a e-learning module for a personal leadership program.
For this e-learning store we need a second set of icons. The program consists of four phases namely:
1. Self-insight,
2. Empathy,
3. Self-control,
4. Self-motivation,

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