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14 mouthwatering menu designs

We’ve recently launched a new menu design category and, to celebrate, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite cocktail and restaurant menus to wet your creative appetite. Menu design can be an impressive feat, requiring designers to carefully lay out an immense amount of text in ways that are easily digestible to the reader. How to emphasize different menu offerings? Or call out separate courses? What kind of personality does... Read More

May 30th By

Master the business card printing process

It’s important to understand how digital design translates into the actual world. For many online designers, there’s often a lack of understanding with business cards. Often, a designer might not know available sizes, weights or qualities of paper. Bridging the gap between the computer and paper not only allows a designer to utilize available printing options, but also helps to inform... Read More

May 29th By

chilibrand® wins May’s Top 9 at 99!

The votes are in and you’ve chosen chilibrand®‘s logo & hosted website for Puffin Software Development as May’s Top 9 at 99 winner! The sunny yellows and playful puffin mascot quickly caught our eye – but the sleek Jimdo website pushed this design to the top. We’ll be awarding chilibrand® a 6 month membership to the art supply subscription... Read More

May 28th By

Your checklist for clear, readable website text

Sure, you want to write so that people will want to read it. But what about the way your text actually appears on the page? Words aside, text is yet another visual element on your website, just like your images, colors, and template. And just like those other visual elements, text needs to be arranged and... Read More

3 questions that will create a better website

Once you’ve decided to create a website, it can be tempting to jump right into the “fun” stuff—picking your colors, dreaming of photos, comparing different fonts. But before you dive in, I’m going to try to convince you to hold off for just a little bit. Some posts online will recommend that you answer anywhere... Read More

Don’t miss these amazing vehicle wraps!

As designers, we work on plenty of canvases – but one of the most unique types of graphic design is the vehicle wrap. Coming in all shapes and sizes, from massive trucks to sleek racing cars, these wraps act as 3-dimensional, mobile billboards. They need to be eye-catching, informative and make the branding shine. We’ve rounded up some... Read More

May 25th By

4 fun exercises to help define your brand personality

Whether you’re launching a new company or rebranding an existing one, you’re faced with an important challenge: defining your brand personality clearly and definitively in the mind of the consumer. One approach that many have found helpful is to think of your brand as more than a logo or a product or even a company,... Read More

May 22nd By

It’s time to vote for May’s Top 9 at 99!

Yet again, our designer community has impressed us with another jam-packed month of diverse and clever designs. And while there were some tough choices to make, we’ve narrowed May’s Top 9 at 99 nominees down to a stellar selection of designs. Who will win? Well, that’s in your hands… Scroll down and place your vote for the... Read More

May 21st By

Image tricks to make users feel rather than think

A picture is worth a thousand words… We’ve all heard that one before, right? In web design, images are as important – if not more important – than your actual copy. While there’s no doubting what clear writing can bring to an idea, images have the ability to bypass the high-level, analytical brain and speak straight to... Read More

Create a simple geometric poster with Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is the intuitive tool you can use to create professional print designs. Though it doesn’t have all the power of image processors like Photoshop or Illustrator, it pairs with these other Adobe programs to allow you to lay out ready-to-print imagery. Here’s a tutorial on how to use InDesign to create a geometric... Read More

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