Car Review Company Requires a Logo!


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Car Review Company Requires a Logo!


Australian based start up website, requiring something fun and unique

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The target Audience is reasonably broad: - Australian Market - New Car Buyers – 25 years plus - Could assume the larger % are male

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Simply put, we're an Australian based website that reviews new cars!

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Firstly, please ignore the current website we have online ( we’re simply placing a few blogs live in order to start indexing our website. Saying this, there is no predefined brand or colour scheme. All designers have complete artistic freedom. The main requirement is: - The full domain name needs to be displayed: - All original source files required We’re basically open to ideas however a couple that have floated around the office so far: 1. Integrating the motif with the domain name 2. Having a car fly around a planet, similar to the rings on Saturn