Logo design for company name CONTACT WELDING SERVICES,INC.

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Logo design for company name CONTACT WELDING SERVICES,INC.


welding and fabrication READ ME! IM EZ! :)

Background information


I would like to reach the oil field industry like Exxon / Mobil ..Chevron..and drilling company's .. but im also trying to reach the people that are looking for custom build items like bumpers or tool boxes to choppers... also would like to do work for general contractors needing custom fence work or any structure welding done.

Brand Name

Contact Welding Services, LLC.

Brief Summary

We do field welding in remote locations for the oilfield and gas company's as well as build and repair anything made out of medal or aluminum. we do about 50% of our work in the field out of our company trucks and about 50% in our shop in town. We have been wanting to get more involved in custom builds and repairs on choppers or custom bumpers or builds for trucks. Im looking for a flashy rugged type of design that fits the type of guyz working for me we are all younger group of guyz from 22 to 33 me being the oldest .. most of us have choppers and do a bit of snowboarding. then on the other side im looking for a more professional design that is more of a big biz plain logo simple may be 2 colors or something like that ... i know im flying 2 different ways here but i need a logo fast and im purity ez to please .

Content details


looking for some POW! rugged design that jumps out at ya . im ez .. just make it look like it will grab your attention. or people will look and say wow that is a cool name.. Then on the softer end i would also be interested in something more suddel like simple but crafty professional design may be just a couple colors in it and a simple logo to go with it .. Im just trying to see what way ill go.. iv not decided as of yet thats why im here. Thanks for all your help toughs of you that take this challenge!! below listed first are some simple designs that i like then if i can find some flasher ones ill link them as well.. The EPIC book is a book a made for a company i worked for before.. there logo is what im looking for.. obviously i cant use this one so may be one of you can make something like it but different! in the book are meny of the things we work on and what we do... almost exact...

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