Marty1953 picked a winning design in their stationery contest

For just US$195 they received 8 designs from 3 designers.

Here's what the client asked for

Background information

Organization name

Kid Pointz

Description of the organization and its target audience

one-stop behavior resource to improve child behavior.



Content details


Behavior Bucks are given to kids to reward them for good behavior. We have "reward tickets" now on our web site for various "points" but want to add something different.

Behavior Bucks is a working name. You can use that, or something else if you wish.

Bucks should be in 1,5,10,20 increments and organized in a similar fashion to the example....multiple bucks to a printed page.The reward tickets shown are laid out as 15 tickets to a page but behavior bucks can be larger - you can have multiple pages to accomodate the different denominations in the final product if needed.

Our logo does *not* have to be on the product, but our website does.

Not all bucks have to be the same. You can have the 1,5,10, and 20 all be a variation on a theme.

You can design specifically for a boy or girl. For example, a girls version may be pink with a princess and a boys may be blue with trucks. (both princess and trucks are just examples).

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