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Winning design

Create An Amazing Shirt Design For KillDanied!

By killdanied in T-Shirt

6 Entries $239 bronze price
Winning design

"Cute yet cool" animal graphic tee; hoping to choose multiple winners, illustration preferred; kids

Needs to appeal to both boys and girls. Ideally incorporates some cute, kid appropriate humor

By kmartino in T-Shirt

229 Entries US$599 platinum price
Winning design

Create a parkour shirt design/artpiece for ages 14-24 for AAPES

Front and Back if possible

By australian.apes in T-Shirt

98 Entries $509 gold price
Winning design

2015 Australian Motorcycle Trial Championship Tee

By arnoux in T-Shirt

71 Entries $319 silver price
Winning design

Along for the ride

Pop art, street art style and colors to match.

By iecon in T-Shirt

64 Entries $599 platinum price
Winning design

t shirt design required for One of a Thousand

By oneofathousand in T-Shirt

114 Entries $509 gold price
Winning design

Create a cool t-shirt design for the cult brand of

By redbytex in T-Shirt

107 Entries $399 gold price
Winning design

Create a cartoon like band t shirt for a festival stage Hammond organ player.

By lachlandoley in T-Shirt

18 Entries $319 silver price
Winning design

Unique T-shirt design for Performance Training Centre

By alasdair r in T-Shirt

142 Entries $319 silver price
Winning design

Bodybuilding tshirt - Hardcore, grungy tshirt design with big text. Be very creative.

Shirt will be red. text will be white with grey but you can change any of this if you have a good design in mind.

By info 1u8 in T-Shirt

53 Entries $239 bronze price
Winning design

Create an 'out there' logo for mens 'indie' t-shirt

By carl.dupreez in T-Shirt

27 Entries $189 bronze price
Winning design

Rustic/Cartoonish T-shirt for All Organic beard care line, Honest Amish.

By wolfgang i in T-Shirt

40 Entries US$599 platinum price


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