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See web page designs from recent contests below.

Winning design

Design a web page for an Escape Room

We offer an Escape Room experience. Teams of 2-6 people are locked into a room and have 1 hour to solve the various p...

By christopher.g.freeman in Web Page

66 Entries $1,199 silver price
Winning design

Create a Kitchen Appliance website that oozes style

DiLusso is a kitchen appliance manufacturer and wholesaler. Products include Ovens, cooktops, rangehoods and dishwash...

By alice Ae in Web Page

92 Entries $1,499 silver price
Winning design

Create a Website Design for Wushka: An online literacy website for children, teachers and parents

Wushka is a unique, online literacy programme that supports students when learning to read. It offers a platform wher...

By nwhiston in Web Page

123 Entries $3,099 platinum price
Winning design

Create a website design for No.1 Health Retreat in Australia & UK

Australia's No.1 health retreat helping adults of all ages, shapes, sizes & fitness levels transform their lives thro...

By davidpaulrawlings in Web Page

95 Entries $3,099 platinum price
Winning design

Create beautiful site for customers to sell ASX Shares

We sell customers shares on the ASX stock market and offer brokerage advice...

By julianarmstrong82 in Web Page

14 Entries $1,899 gold price
Winning design

Website Design (One Page Scrolling Style) - Wearable Technology

Snaptrax is a removable bluetooth unit which fits in to all types of headwear lining.

By willhenrymiller in Web Page

59 Entries $599 bronze price
Winning design

Prahran Vet Web Revamp

Provide veterinary and pet care services to the people of inner Melbourne...

By peter Kq in Web Page

112 Entries $2,049 gold price
Winning design

New Magento Template design for Australian Fishing Tackle store

We sell fishing tackle, hunting gear, camping equipment and a range of accessories for outdoor activities. Located in...

By Bransfords Tackle in Web Page

41 Entries $2,949 platinum price
Winning design

Refresh design for internal web application

Internal users of a legal firm...

By jgilroy W in Web Page

39 Entries $599 bronze price
Winning design

Tailored Workforce

Website for Labour Hire services

By felicity D in Web Page

63 Entries $749 bronze price
Winning design

Create a layout for the Tire Library website

The TireLibrary is an on line tool used to quickly gain access to information about different tires. The pro...

By troy Qh in Web Page

52 Entries $1,199 silver price
Winning design

Design a beautiful, responsive website for a software company ready to take on the world.

Microlistics design and develop Warehouse Management Software for logistics companies worldwide....

By sam.dawson in Web Page

97 Entries $1,899 gold price


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