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Best for consultants and small business owners looking for simple websites they can edit.

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  • Jimdo website, including hosting & domain
  • Jimdo template styled by a designer (up to 5 pages)
  • No coding required

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Web page design

Best for agencies, marketers or teams with their own web developers.

  • Logo not included
  • Web friendly files e.g. Photoshop
  • Fully customized design (1-5 pages)*
  • Coding available*

From $759*

*Extra page designs and coding available at additional cost.

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Winning design

Create a website design for No.1 Health Retreat in Australia & UK

Australia's No.1 health retreat helping adults of all ages, shapes, sizes & fitness levels transform their lives thro...

By davidpaulrawlings in Web Page

95 Entries $3,099 platinum price
Winning design

Create the perfect website for my cleaning company.

Hello- I am targeting the 'elite' real-estate property owners, real-estate companies, construction companies, busines...

By hphelan1988 in Web Page

95 Entries $2,199 gold price
Winning design

Make a Smart, Simple and Professional Cutting Edge Looking Design

Chauffeured Transfers/Private Transfers - Primarily for Airport-City and Business transfers for corporate clients....

By danjacrom in Web Page

347 Entries $2,194 gold price
Winning design

New Magento Template design for Australian Fishing Tackle store

We sell fishing tackle, hunting gear, camping equipment and a range of accessories for outdoor activities. Located in...

By Bransfords Tackle in Web Page

41 Entries $2,949 platinum price
Winning design

Create An Inspirational Website Design For

Design Place is an inspirational online portfolio of projects featuring residential, commercial and landscape photos

By Brickworks in Web Page

32 Entries $1,784 silver price
Winning design

Wanted: Fantastic, fresh transcription website design

Transcribe audio recorded lectures, research interviews and other academic documentation....

By Jodie70 in Web Page

23 Entries $1,599 gold price
Winning design

Design a Vibrant and Professional website for a Tech Startup

SoftSolutions was conceived with that idea that enlightenment breeds enlightenment. With the years of experience in c...

By SoftSolutions in Web Page

162 Entries $1,394 silver price
Winning design

Design a website for a forward thinking Professional Services company

A Information Technology Professional Services Company that specialises in supporting customers implement e-commerce ...

By Adventia in Web Page

105 Entries $954 bronze price
Winning design

Create a stylish, contemporary web page for Izikhumba.

We source and sell high quality cowhide rugs, furniture and Accessories. The pieces are all eclectic and one of a kin...

By Justintidbury in Web Page

216 Entries US$1,349 silver price
Winning design

Create a clean and simple design for a music startup!

We are a vinyl of the month club. We send out an innovative record each month that we collaborate with labels, artist...

By James OX in Web Page

134 Entries $759 bronze price
Winning design

Xtreme Marine needs a XTREME new website! Our target audience is affluent, middle aged and mature, outdoors people. T...

By Limelight, INC. in Web Page

62 Entries $954 bronze price
Winning design

Create a Modern & Clean IT Services Website

We provide IT support for small to medium sized business across Australia....

By JJ Fiasson in Web Page

86 Entries $3,099 platinum price


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