The drop in the mercury can only mean one thing — it’s wintertime!

While the weather outside can be frightful, these wintery designs are oh so delightful. From alpine emblems to frosty tees, this winter inspired collection is the perfect remedy for those winter blues.

Monkey Ice Snow Cones

by sparkfly

It’s never too cold for a snow cone. The minty fresh color palette and the funky monkey type makes a tasty combination – and compliments to the designer’s personal mark.

Hap-E Boards

by viyyan

The soaring snowboarder and the extended placement of the text creates dynamism, and movement as the elements break through the border of this clean emblem design.

Stone Yeti

by amio

So simple yet so much character in this stone cold design. The minimal details and the disproportionate arms of the yeti convey the right amount of heaviness and weight.

Mammoth Labs

by de_singer

Mammoth tusks for a mammoth design. The expert execution of figure and ground create a strong and powerful impression.

Arctic Ice

by fatboyjim

It’s time to hit the slopes with this snow-cone-loving-penguin. The loveable character helps guide our eyes through the pops of complementary colors in this arctic design. (And props for the designer’s personal beaver mark. Check out the results of our Community Contest featuring designers rebranding themselves for the new year).

Glacier Coast Brewing Company

by iwyir

The unity within the graphic elements is just the tip of the iceberg. From the snowcap mountains and the fresh type choice, this design is a glacial success.

Wintermag t-shirt

by Persona4

The fine lines and the distressed texture add depth to the juxtaposition of the modern snowboarders framed by the frosty ornamental flourishes.

Functional Penguin

by Ricky Asamanis*

This adorably clever design seamlessly integrates type and imagery with the letter f pulling double duty — serving as the contour of the penguin’s body and making a subtle reference to the company’s name.

West Coast Chill

by Vespertilio™

It’s time to chill out. The electric blue gradation helps to guide the viewer’s eye toward the company name, while the sharp points and strong vertical emphasis create a piercing cold effect.

T-shirt design

by T studio

This design is at the peak of perfection. The distressed finish on this powered blue tee shirt design is like a fresh dusting of snow on a brisk winters day.

Got any favorite wintery designs? Share them in the comments.