Traveling is awesome. You’ll be searching for hours to find somebody who says they don’t like to travel and even longer to find someone who doesn’t have a dream destination—or five—on their bucket list.

Effective travel logo design taps into humanity’s collective love of travel and uses it to sell adventures. Whether you’re a travel blogger or you need a travel agency logo, having a stunning travel logo will inspire adventurers to go ahead and book that flight. Here we collected some amazing travel logos to inspire you.

collage of different travel logos

What makes a good travel logo?

When you think of a travel brand, you probably think of a travel website, hotel or a travel group. Maybe you think of a travel agency or booking website. But the travel industry is way bigger than that. It’s transportation companies, cool experiences, travel blogs, apps that make booking flights and finding lodging quick and easy and pet and child-sitting services that give parents the peace of mind to take some time to themselves to explore.

line art travel logo with trees, sun and fish tail
Travel logo design by Skilline

Think about the value these kinds of companies deliver. They all, in some way, help us live out our desire to explore the world. Effective logos in this industry inspire wanderlust by being imaginative and fun. After all, even the most boring business trip is at least a little bit fun.

Travel companies can make their industry clear by using travel imagery in their logos, like airplanes and suitcases. But they don’t have to stick to these kinds of images. Because the travel industry is a fun, creative, leisure industry, prospective clients don’t need to be explicitly told what to expect from your brand like they might in another industry, like home improvement or legal representation. They’re already flying high in their imaginations, and you’re just providing the bridge their dreams can cross into reality. Whimsical, abstract and witty logos work great for travel brands, as do logos that aren’t afraid to get extreme, funny and weird.

Inspiring ideas for travel logos

Nostalgic vintage travel logos

Vintage-inspired logos are a popular choice for all kinds of companies. For brands in the travel space, a vintage logo typically means one that throws it back to the glamorous art deco travel posters of the 1920s and 30s. When it doesn’t, it might be a throwback to the Golden Age of Flying, the 1950s through the 1980s. Or it might get personal with travelers, stoking their nostalgia for family road trips or childhood summers at wooded summer camps. No matter which route you choose, a vintage-inspired travel logo evokes wanderlust by speaking to viewers’ feelings about travel.

old-fashioned letterpress design of a cabin
Logo design by designer banaspati
old-fashioned car taking a turn past a pole with multiple direction signs
Logo design by designer aran&xa
illustration of a camper driving past mountains and trees
Logo design by designer austinminded
round image of a letterpress-style hot air balloon
Logo design by designer pswizzard
round logo with the text “travel with my…”
Logo design by designer Asaad™
complex geometric red and black diamond-shaped logo
Logo design by designer EARCH

Travel logos that promise adventure

Why do we love travel so much? Because it’s the opportunity to go on an adventure. The ideal adventure varies from person to person, but the concept is the same: the chance to leave familiar surroundings and do something you aren’t able to do at home. Brands that promise to make vacations memorable can communicate this in their logos. This kind of logo is perfect for any company that makes adventures happen, like a ziplining company, an off-the-beaten-path tour group or a hotel that’s as much of an experience as the guests’ destination itself.

drawing of a person suspended by a bungee with a bucket on their head
Logo design by designer involve
silhouette of an elephant
Logo design by designer Kate.v
tribal mask breaking out of a diamond-shaped barrier
Logo design by designer musework
negative space image of an igloo against vertical green lines
Logo design by designer cinj
silhouette of a camel with a tent on its back and a lantern ahead of it
Logo design by designer Hugo Maja
image of a man standing tough in front of a woman, trees, a car and a mountain
Logo design by designer piggy ‘n’ baby
the text “space experiences” with a curved line shooting across a sunburst
Logo design by designer S2Design

Reassuring, safe travel logos

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When you’re halfway across the world, you want to know you and your loved ones are safe. What safety while traveling means to you depends on where you are, who you’re with and who you left back home waiting for your safe return. Logos in this category reassure travelers that everything’s going to be just fine, there will be food that fits their dietary needs, no hang ups at customs, no surprise insurance problems or taxes when you’re adjusting to the expat life, no need to switch accommodations last minute because it turns out the hotel isn’t pet-friendly and no worrying about the pets back home with a sitter.

square icon depicting a path leading toward a tree
Logo design by designer JanaKah
red globe with a plane-shaped green leaf at the top
Logo design by designer cucuque design
silhouette of a mother with three children walking beneath an airplane
Logo design by designer SHANAshay
drawing of two toddlers, one boy and one girl, wearing vintage aviator gear and riding in an old-fashioned airplane
Logo design by designer Andreea Pop
silhouette of a baboon with a backpack standing by a signpole
Logo design by designer dekloz™
circular logo with a negative space airplane wearing a bowtie
Logo design by designer Lydia Design
red background with white negative space stethoscope
Logo design by designer cucuque design

Travel logos that get you there

You’ll notice planes, trains and bicycles are popular choices for travel logos. Makes sense, they’re literally how you travel from one place to another. If you’re thinking about using a mode of transportation in your travel logo, think beyond the obvious choices. Maybe your brand would be better represented by a pair of roller blades, a waverunner, a motorcycle with a sidecar or a zeppelin—your brand isn’t about getting from Point A to Point B, it’s about offering travelers an experience they can’t find anywhere else.

part of an airplane, part of a bus and part of a train connected with lines
Logo design by designer fatboyjim
airplane taking off against multicolored background
Logo design by designer aerith
silhouette of a hot air balloon dissolving into a flock of birds
Logo design by designer **Faith**
top half of a ship’s steering wheel with stylized waves beneath
Logo design by designer LenceMi
yellow icon with a minimalist black image of a bicycle
Logo design by designer JayJacks0n™

Minimalist travel logos

Sometimes, the best choice for a logo is to keep it simple. This isn’t only true for travel logos; you’ll see minimalist logos in every category you look at. And that’s because they work.

But they work differently in different industries. For a travel brand, a minimalist logo is ideal if you want to brand yourself as aggressively modern… or if you focus on one thing, and one thing only. Or if you’ve taken a popular concept and scaled it way down to its most basic parts, like an inexpensive minimalist hotel that makes lodging as simple as can be.

intersecting triangles to make a fox face
Logo design by designer CostinLogopus
red checker-patterned square icon with an upside down droplet shape
Logo design by designer CostinLogopus
circles arranged to look like a bunch of grapes with two of the circles connected to look like a bicycle
Logo design by designer Corne
blue and yellow oval with a negative space lighting bolt cut across
Logo design by designer Musique!
icon showing an image of mountains with prayer flags strung across them
Logo design by designer Musique!
minimalist image of a fish with a squiggly line for water
Logo design by designer shaka88
a blue door, circled with blue arrow
Logo design by designer srfcng™

The fundamentals of logo design

If you’ve never designed a logo before, the thought of creating one that summarizes your role in creating life-changing adventures can be intimidating. But when you break down what logo design really is and what it involves, you’ll see it’s not some unattainable design magic but rules, research and applying certain skills.

Logo design is a nuanced category of graphic design that relies on the designer’s understanding of aesthetics, branding and marketing, color theory, composition, typography and their artistic skill. In our free online guide How to design a logo, we dive deeper into the processes behind creating an effective logo. For now, we’re just going to summarize the key points to give you some background on logo design.

line art compass logo
A line art compass logo design by Mat W

Design for your brand. There’s no such thing as the “best type of logo,” but there is such a thing as the best type of logo for your brand. A successful logo is one that represents its brand, like Coca Cola’s iconic red and white typography or Apple’s smooth, minimalist apple silhouette.

So in order to design the perfect travel logo, you’ve got to determine your brand identity. Are you a luxurious high-end hotel that makes guests feel like royalty, or are you a no-frills, just thrills whitewater raft tour that snakes guests down heart-pounding rapids and bounces them off sharp, imposing rocks? Knowing your brand identity will guide your design choices, particularly the colors, shapes and font you use in your logo.

Colors, shapes and letters. Every color and shape evokes a different emotion. For example, primarily black logos feel mature and sophisticated and triangular logos feel like they’re “to the point.” Fonts do the same thing. Don’t believe us? Imagine getting your paycheck and seeing all its text is in Comic Sans. Every single design choice you make colors the world’s perception of your brand, so choose your design wisely.

camp logo design with dragonfly
Camp logo design by Spoon Lancer

How to get a logo

You have four main options for getting a logo. We covered them in a previous guide, How to create a logo: Comparing the best ways to get a logo designed, but let’s review them again now:

  • Logo maker (DIY). With a logo maker or other entry-level design software, you can design your own logo in minutes without leaving your desk.
  • Work with a design agency. When you hire a design agency, you hand off the whole design process, from conception to the final touches, to a suite of professionals.
  • Work with a freelance designer. By working with a freelance designer, you can have a professional design your logo.
  • Host a design contest. In a design contest, you provide a brief outlining the kind of logo you’re looking for. Then, designers from around the world submit their interpretations of your logo based on this information, giving you lots of options to choose from.

DIY’ing your logo is only a good idea when you’re facing extreme circumstances, like having no budget for a logo or when you need a logo STAT. Even if you take this route, we recommend using your DIY logo as a placeholder until you can get a professionally designed one.

a travel logo consisting of tropical island with waterfall
A clever travel logo design by Dusan Klepic DK

Why? Because your brand’s logo is one of its most important assets, and by cheaping out on it, you’re potentially leaving money on the table because it’s not going to be as effective as one from a designer with years of experience making logos that work.

When you’re in the market for a professionally designed logo, you have two main concerns: preference and cost. Check out our Logo design cost guide to see what each path to a great design costs.

Logo design contests are extremely popular because they give hosts lots of options. When you host a design contest, you have the opportunity to leverage multiple designers’ skills and ideas to find the one who’s best equipped to create your logo. This is the perfect route to take if you’re not exactly sure what you want your logo to look like and need some ideas.

But if you don’t need ideas because you already know what you want your logo to look like, working directly with a freelancer is the faster path. You can browse designer portfolios to see what different designers have made in the past to find the one whose work speaks your brand’s language fluently.

Are you ready for a globetrottingly awesome travel logo?

Ready to design a brilliant logo for your travel brand? Connect with one or more of the designers on our platform by hosting a design contest or commissioning a designer directly. Nobody wants to go on a dull trip, so your logo has to promise that working with your company will be anything but dull. How you express your non-dullness, yet trustworthiness most effectively depends on your brand identity. Our designers are here to craft logos that capture it perfectly.

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