We recently heard a story about how one of our fledging designers from within our ever growing design community was offered an internship based off their work on 99designs. Naturally, we wanted to know more, so the search began to find the designer that had scored the new job.

After a few days of searching, we found our man!

We managed to get in contact with Dsgn-BT, a student studying his final year at RNSIT in India. After finishing his exams, Dsgn-BT was looking to complement his degree by joining a local design school to hone his skills, until he got an unexpected phone call.

The phone call

According to Dsgn-BT, he received a call from the agency who had noticed his portfolio on 99designs. They liked what they saw, and thought that his designs were a perfect fit for their business. After speaking with them briefly over the phone (and being assured the call wasn’t a prank) Dsgn-BT agreed to meet them for lunch the very next day.

In Dsgn-BT’s own words: “Out of nowhere, I get a call saying ‘Your designs are what we’re looking for, how would you like to catch up for lunch and see how it goes from there?’”

Getting the job

Over an informal lunch, Dsgn-BT expressed his passion for design and spoke to the agency heads about the design work he liked along with his vision of his future career. By the end of lunch, the agency had offered him an internship role for the duration of his time whilst studying.

From his first day in the agency, Dsgn-BT was given real design tasks to work on and aside from feeling amazed at the unexpected turn of events, he knows that the internship is just the beginning of a long and successful career in design.

The value of 99designs

Instances such as this would never be possible without 99designs enabling our designers to highlight their best work and use it to sell themselves to prospective clients and employers.

Dsgn-BT put it best: “I think 99designs is the best platform for designers out there, in that it allows beginner designers like me to look at some really great designs and improve on our skills. The amount of exposure that each designer gets on 9designs is immense; every designer is at the same level, none having an advantage over another in terms of opportunities.”

“If sufficient time is spent on 99designs then there’s no stopping an amateur designer from being a really good, if not a great, designer.”

Here at 99designs, we feel honored that we could play a small role in giving Dsgn-BT’s career a kick-start and we wish him all the best in his future in the design industry!