If you are a small business looking to a build a website, a Jimdo website is a great option to consider. In this article we’ll take a look at how to create a website with Jimdo step-by-step.

Like other popular website builders, Jimdo offers an AI website builder (named Dolphin), as well as a regular drag and drop builder option. You do not need to know code and can select from a variety of templates to build a website that is uniquely yours.

With Jimdo, it really is possible to build a website within minutes. Plus, if you choose to go with the paid option, the website designer has attractive features such as SEO optimization. But more on that later.

How to make a Jimdo website
Illustration by OrangeCrush

What to consider before starting your Jimdo website?

Jimdo is a truly straightforward and direct option. If you want speed, simplicity and non intimidating tools, Jimdo may be the right website builder for you. Of course, ease is not the only attractive thing about Jimdo. Once you have a basic look and feel for your website, you can turn to user-friendly tools such as Style Editor, Previewing Function and Page Editor to customize just about anything on your website.

What you end up with is a working website in a short amount of time. This is all the more important now when so much of our existence is online. Think about your web needs first and what you would like to see on your website, so you can plan your website accordingly.

Examples of websites

To get you started, it might be helpful to take a look at some Jimdo website designs for inspiration. The examples below are intentionally diverse! The selection covers various industries and different ways of using the Jimdo website creator to get unique results.

luxury watch web design
A web design that lets the branding shine, by TMark
software web design concept
A unique and vibrant Jimdo website concept for a software company, by creangle
wedding agency website
Elegant and simple Jimdo web design by Sameight
dog food web design
A pet food subscription website built on Jimdo! By nevergohungry

The idea is to see if these designs resonate with you and what you would like to create. If you see anything that inspires you, look no further than the steps below to begin creating your very own website. You can also find more examples on Jimdo.

private investment partners mobile
Super simple and straightforward mobile version of Jimdo website by Q Division
chocolate website
A website made out of chocolate! By NikoPan
black and white architectural website
Black and white minimalism. Design by ARCHIFEED
frozen yogurt web page
This homey and simple design is perfect for a frozen yogurt company by LoreSil

Step-by-step guide to building your Jimdo website

1. Start by going to Jimdo and click on the button Let’s get started. Free. If you had an account already, you can simply click Log In on the upper right hand corner.

jimdo intro page
How do you want to build your website via Jimdo

You will be offered the options to log in using a Google, Facebook or Apple account. Enter your email, choose a password and don’t forget to agree to terms. Once you go to your inbox and confirm your email, you have an account!

2. At this step, you can choose what sort of website you would like to create.

screenshot of “How do you want to build your website” page
How do you want to build your website via Jimdo

You have two choices, No coding required or For coding experts. The first option matches you with the AI-builder, Dolphin, while the other one matches you with the drag and drop builder. Since we are doing this the fastest and easiest way, I will go for the first option but please note that you can choose either and virtually end up at the website builder.

3. Once you select No coding required, you will be given a few more options. These series of options are to determine your needs and give you the most suitable website match. It’s like unlocking gates in a game!

The first question is whether you are an individual or a team of people. I am selecting individual. Please note that you can also select Skip this step for any of these questions, it’s right next to Continue.

screenshot of “What is your website for” page
What is your website for? via Jimdo

Next you will be asked a bit more about your project. Is this a:

  • Personal project or event
  • A project or hobby you do regularly
  • A project you would like to turn into a business
  • New business or professional project
  • Established business or professional service

This depends on your project and how you would like to use the website. Answering this accurately will help you get the most accurate templates and customization opportunities. So I really recommend doing that! I’m going to go with New Business.

4. Name your business or project on the next page. For a small business owner or brand, this is easy-peasy.

screenshot of naming page
What’s the name of your business or project? via Jimdo

You will be offered the option to connect your Facebook page next. It will also suggest potential Google Maps listings that might be yours.

5. At the next page, you will be asked about what you hope to achieve with the website. Again, this is a very useful tool to give you everything you need once you’ve gone through all the questions. And you can choose up to three!

screenshot of “What are the goals for your website?” page
What are the goals for your website? via Jimdo

I will choose Showcase my work and Announce an event or project.

6. What’s your website about? What’s your style? What colors do you like best? Once you’ve selected these options, Jimdo’s AI software Dolphin, will match you with fonts, structure and images. It will determine a style and a color palette.

Which colors do you like best
Which colors do you like best? via Jimdo

7. This is the step where your website extends beyond the landing page. Add all the sections that would be the most useful to you. Dolphin recommends you pages it thinks will be useful to you based on all the answers you have given thus far. You can also click on + to add a custom page.

screenshot of “What pages does your website need?” page
What pages does your website need? via Jimdo

8. Congrats! You have an initial website. Dolphin, the AI website building tool that’s been asking you questions, will give you two options. Select the option you like most and then you can customize your heart out later on. You can also click Surprise me! I’ll edit it later. If you choose one of the suggested templates, an option to preview will pop up. You can preview both before making a decision.

screenshot of Pick the website you want to start with page
Pick a base website via Jimdo

9. At this stage, you will be given the option to create a personalized domain. I am indecisive so I selected Choose a domain later at the bottom. You will see later on that there are lots of good options for a domain on the free plan.

Take your site to the next level with a personalized domain
Personalize your domain via Jimdo

10. There you have it, your website! The first draft of it anyway. You can even publish it as it is. I recommend playing around with the Assistant tool on the right hand side. This will give you tasks to complete your website. As you move around to customize (you simply have to click on different elements), you will be given the option to Upgrade. I will briefly cover that in the next section!

screenshot of “What pages does your website need?” page
What pages does your website need? via Jimdo

To your right, you will find a little “i” in a circle that will give you the option to Show Elements. This also has lots of customization tools. Whatever you click will come with an explanation and many options, it’s all built for ease of use!

Upgrade vs. free

If you click upgrade on the upper right hand corner (you can see this little button on the screenshot in section 10 of this guide), you will be given options of five plans. You are automatically on the first one named, Play, the free plan. The rest are Start, Grow, Grow Legal and Unlimited.

These plans are tiered according to price. The regular monthly rate ranges from $9 to $39 and Jimdo offers a hefty discount if you choose to pay annually. With each increase in pay, you get a little more benefits. For example, the free option gets you five pages, but each upgrade level gets you more pages.

  • Play: a free plan, where you get “.jimdosite.com” subdomain, 500 MB of Storage and 2 GB of bandwidth
  • Start: this upgrade gets you a free domain, guaranteed support, 5 GB of storage and the ability to connect your email address and also to connect your own domain.
  • Grow: the “bestseller,” comes with advanced SEO, visitor statistics and personalized support. The advanced SEO feature gets you customized instructions and ideas to fully optimize your site, and your SEO settings are automatically filled in by the AI. Visitor statistics gives you the number of visitors you have at any time. These tools really make it attractive to work with a website builder.
  • Grow legal: has customer legal text, such as GDPR compliant legal pages, and a legal text generator
  • Unlimited: has all of the above and unlimited storage and pages. This upgrade also includes the option to receive professional design analysis, connects you with design experts to get you the best and most professional Jimdo website.
screenshot of Jimdo plan page
Choose the plan that’s right for you via Jimdo

It all depends on what you need from your website and how much you would like to pay. In order to customize your domain, you have to upgrade, but even the cheapest upgrade plan Start includes this.  Besides, you can change your selection at any time. I recommend scrolling to select Compare features. This will give you the most extensive explanation of the different options and what they’ll give you.


If you thought that building a website is expensive and time consuming, think again. Jimdo website builder shows you just how optimized and efficient this experience can be. Creating a website can be a long process that requires a lot of various expertise, you can see this in our post on building a website. Knowing this, it’s nice to see that it is possible to have a functional website in a matter of minutes.

Just know that it probably won’t have all the functionalities and custom design features you may want. If you’re looking for something a little more customized, you can always hire a designer to help perfect your website later.

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