Winning design by Symbol Simon

Cosmic Thimble Logo Design

cosmicthimble picked a winning design in their logo design contest. For just US$363 they received 89 designs from 16 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Cosmic Thimble Logo Design


Etsy and ECommerce Craft Business Logo Design

Background information


• People shopping on Etsy for unique, one-of-a-kind for gifts • Savvy moms • Gift-buyers who may be savvy crafters looking for specific designer fabric-made goods

Brand Name

Cosmic Thimble

Brief Summary

Creative friends Lindsay and Val are starting an Etsy business. Ultimately, the long-term goal is to drive repeat buyers (through marketing sent with purchases) to our (to be created later) outside website. Logo design is important because it will drive the entire design process thereafter -- a banner ad for Etsy and a to-be-created web site at a later date. In terms of the project, Lindsay and Val sew. They make lots of gifts for kids and babies, but products don’t stop with children. They make household décor (placemats, napkins, curtains, cozies, coasters, decorative bowls, dishtowels), accessories (bags, scarves, belts) and practical products (reusable grocery bags, cosmetic bags, etc.) as well. A key factor that make the products unique and desirable is that we have the ability to personalize products through high-end, professional, machine embroidery. Our lead products for launch include four kid products • Chalkboard placemats • Art roll-ups • Hooded towel/blankets • Burp cloths (to be personalized at purchase) And two adult products • Reusable grocery totes • Voile scarves We do not make clothes beyond accessories.

Content details


Deliverables Needed: • .PSD Logo • Logo as a high-res jpeg • Thumbnail logo/banner version for avatars – Flickr, etc. as well as potential email signature icon, etc. Tone and Image: Modern whimsy vibe is a huge inspiration. Casual tone Clean, modern designs. Lots of white + bright colors/patterns Ideally, the logo should include some sort of branded/meme element that can be plucked out and used in other venues. For thumbnail, biz card design, gift tags, label etc. Notes on color: we tend toward “brights” rather than pastels or primaries. Mango, not orange. Lime, not green. Magenta, not pink. Aqua, not blue. We like animals and nature, especially birds and owls. We like poka dots, stripes, and flowers. And trees. We want the logo/banner to be very clean. With some white space. A simple, modern font. The design may or may not include a thimble (it’s not 100% necessary). A reasonably infrequently used handwritten or script font can be used with an icon. Messages: Features, Benefits and Value • Handmade • Unique value proposition: customizable (monogramming, personalizing) • Highest-quality materials (designer fabrics) • Lots of “grab-and-go” items that can be personalized/customized The attached file is an "inspirational" set of images for a design jumping off point.