After School Math Tutoring FLYER!


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by trillaaa
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This contest has finished. Congratulations to the winning designer OFiRON01 !

Contest title


After School Math Tutoring FLYER!


General flyer needs some touch ups!

Background information

Brand Name

Content details


  • This is a business flier for an academic tutoring center. We want a flier that is eye-catching with a powerful statement that draws interest and can lead people to the website or to give us a call.

  • This pdf sample of the flier is a gist of what we have in mind.
    Things to keep in mind:
    The main font should be “Rockwell” (wasn’t used in the sample flyer)
    All colors should match the Berkeley Academy logo
    Need to change picture in background of the backside
    Maybe some gray, floating math equations in the front
    More cleaned-up, aligned words in the gray border
    Need a very professional , sophisticated, and “clean-cut” look
    New design is welcomed as long as you stick with the font , color theme, and contents
  • the flyer and logo can be found at
  • the flier-

    small logo (gif)-…x4&thumb=4

    small logo (jpg)-…xg&thumb=4

    full logo (gif)-

Don't Wants

  • We don't want a flier that seems too complicated and cluttered.
  • We don't want it to be a 'brochure feel' where information is given back to back (we already have a flier for that)