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Lisa Vermette - Needs a powerful, sleek, AND strategic logo

For our contest, we required a hefty amount of work and high expectations, and l o s s constantly exceeded them all! They never complained, despite the excessive amount of requests we had AND the fact that we had to extend our contest 3 more days because of some plagiarism issues with other designers; l o s s worked their hardest to the end. We never expected such faithful and willing compliance on a platform like this, and so we're very glad we found this website and l o s s when we did! In addition, in terms of creativity, l o s s' designs were a rare sight because they truly did go above and beyond to create something that was original and unique. Their work stood out quite effortlessly, and we never had one complaint or question about their creativity. This designer comes HIGHLY recommended. Thank you, l o s s !!!

Review by smallty05

about 1 year ago

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