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Fit Again Naturally wants to express its sincere thanks to Hempy79 for providing our company with an OUTSTANDING logo. We have received only favorable compliments on the design, and all the compliments have come unsolicited. Therefore, we know Hempy79 hit a home run!! We are extremely satisfied with the results.

We think it important to note that Hempy79 took our design description and concept and hit it dead on the first try. This was significant because it meant he read our desires, took them to heart, and implemented them while others completely ignored, for instance, things we didn't want to see and submitted them anyway as boiler-plate, run-of-the-mill logos. We kept an extremely open mind because several of the designers submitted wonderful and competitive designs as well, but at the end of the day, we selected the design that held our interest from the beginning despite the tight and competitive field of designs.

Hempy79 did exactly what we had asked immediately out of the gate, and he was creative and innovative with his ideas. We were hard pressed to even suggest any changes or tweaks, but whenever asked, Hempy79 was always quick to respond (very important), as well as available and willing to meet our needs and requests when asked. Even at contest end, Hempy79 offered continued assistance should we need it, which was most comforting.

We wish Hempy79 continued success in his design career, and we highly recommend him for your logo designer. FAN-tastic!!

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