Create a sleek, simple, intelligent logo for self defence training

When I started this process, I had no idea how it was going to end. I am hopeless with anything spacial or artistic. I was grateful to have received numerous quality design submissions for my logo design contest. But more importantly, even from the early stages, I was impressed with cromanzini's willingness to keep finding adjustments and variations. I don't know how helpful my feedback was but I kept getting different options to consider and compare. Even from the first submission, cromanzini was one of the frontrunners in the contest because that initial design was already close to the mark. I had no idea how to properly describe what I wanted but I was nevertheless drawn to cromanzini's submission as soon as I saw it - and it just kept getting better.

But the big difference, apart from a submission that resonated with me, was cromanzini's repeated adjustments according to my feedback. She was willing to explore and attempt design possibilities with me. Not everything was an immediate success (due to my scattered feedback more than anything else) but every variation was another step towards my ultimate goal - a great logo design that represented the best of my newly formed business.

I am delighted with the final logo design. It was a wonderful experience working with you cromanzini - and an even better result. Thank you.

Review by australianselfprotectionacadem

over 2 years ago

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