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Working with Jair was an absolutely amazing experience. I couldn't have asked for a better designer. Early on in the competition I thought I had my winning design picked out (by another designer) and then Jair came in and created EXACTLY what I was envisioning and looking for. He blew the competition out of the water and stands apart from his competitors in every aspect.

Jair LISTENS very closely to feedback and makes improvements promptly, responsively, and accurately...just what I was looking for. A lot of other designers on my contest I had to give the same feedback after each design improvement (they would forget details or certain things I asked for, but not Jair).

Jair is very talented and detail-oriented, which is very important when creating the face and identity of your brand/company. Jair is extremely friendly and respectful and goes above and beyond to deliver. He even gave me an amazing backdrop for my logo and went the extra mile by sending me a preview of what it looked like if I put it on my exact website. His work ethic and drive to go above and beyond and create a wonderful experience is unparalleled.

I felt a connection with Jair and he is a fellow Brother in Christ with me so we share an eternal bond that is very special and it was so awesome how God worked everything out and brought us together to create something beautiful that will have a lasting impact on a lot of people's lives on day, hopefully!

I would recommend Jair to anyone hands down, he has been such a pleasure to work with and I am so pleased with the work he has done with me that I am very happy to write a passionate, satisfied review. I am grateful for designers like Jair and the quality work that he delivers :)

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