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Kodoqijo exceeded my expectations on every level: creative, technical, communication, innovation, execution, responsiveness and everything else from start to finish. I decided to run a guaranteed, Platinum contest and switched it from an open to blind contest very early on. I also reached out individually to 100+ designers and ended up with 90+ designers, some of whom came up with very excellent designs. We went into the finals round with 6 very exceptional designs, and most of these I would have been very happy with. I have a small team of 6 other company founders who also participated behind the scenes, and 2 of our founders also have degrees in Graphic Design and everyone was super impressed with Kodoqijo on every level. Even the final delivery of the files was super organized, a helpful file with background information, that our UX founder and our web developers are incredibly impressed with the end product and organization. Through this entire process of interacting with close to a hundred designers, providing feedback, etc., it was simply a delight and so easy to communicate with Kodoqijo that I felt at ease with questions, requests for changes, etc, and it always seemed like Kodoqijo was happy to communicate, offer opinions, suggestions, etc. Kodoqijo's original submission was so perfect, that we ended up going with zero changes. Moreover, we had internal voting among all of my team members to narrow hundreds of designs down into the final 6, and Kodoqijo actually had 2 of the final 6 designs and by the time we were done voting to select our winner, both (2) of Kodoqijo's designers were our 1st and 2nd choice! How rare is that that out of almost a hundred designers and hundreds of designs and modifications, that our entire team selected both of Kodoqijo's designs as our 1st and 2nd choice! In short, Kodoqijo exceeded my (and my team as well) expectations by a large margin. We couldn't be happier. A huge, sincere thank you and much gratitude Kodoqijo! :)

Review by chrisr3

about 5 years ago

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