Sexy+Empowered, Smart+Snarky, Assertive+Sophisticated Goddess-like Logo Design Needed for Premium Lifestyle Beverage

We had a contest that went much longer than anticipated, perhaps one of the longest on record. During the contest we had asked so much from her and pushed her to her limit on many design alterations . As challenging as it was, she consistently persevered where many others had folded. She was focused and committed to a quality design and communicated her concerns well. Even after the contest we still needed more changes. She continued to meet all of our expectations every step of the way. Even her attention to the smallest of modifications was done very well. Perhaps that is why she is one of the best designers here on 99 designs. Thank you so much for an absolutely incredible design! You are the best!!!! : )

Review by mockba00

almost 5 years ago

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