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Edgy, Fashionable T-Shirt Design targeting Moms

PrimeLuggage needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 94 designs submitted by 28 freelance designers.


How PrimeLuggage started their t-shirt journey


I'm a mom and I have an idea for a t-shirt but I'm not a graphic designer! This is where I need your help..!

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

This will be an upscale t-shirt targeting affluent, hip moms. Picture a hip soccer mom. Someone who transports kids to various events during the day.. The design will most likely be printed on a burnout tee. The t-shirt will be upscale to be worn out to dinner or a girl's night out.


Again, the target audience here would be affluent, hip moms. The t-shirt will be upscale to be worn out to dinner or a girl's night out.

- I'm looking for a t-shirt design that'll satisfy the theme of "I survived my kids busy social calendar".
- I'm looking for an edgy, hip graphic utilizing the word "Survivor" as the center.
- Visually I'd like to represent the vast amount of hobbies/activities that today's kids have on a day to day basis that moms are in charge of getting them to and from. Take a look at #1 for some of the vast topics (tennis, parties, etc..)
- Somewhere in the graphic (most likely at the top or bottom) have the words "My kids social calendar"
- I like the "Affilication" style t-shirts that are popular, but softened more for a female audience.
- I like the tone on tone look
- Unusual print locations are a plus (doesnt have to be centered).

Please, if you have any creative ideas other than my tree concept..go for it! I'm very open to your creativity!

Some other sites that I like their T's are..…12&N=43+26

Originally i had the tree in mind due to its grounded roots yet branches going in every the vast activities moms have their kids in these days. are some more t-shirt styles that I like..from Rebel Spirit.…pirit&N=43…pirit&N=42…pirit&N=43…ao=12&N=43

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