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Graphic ID-Santa Barbara Guitarist Pat Milliken's "Pat-ism's."

Barbara M Pivnicka needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

3 winners were selected from 72 designs submitted by 17 freelance designers.


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Winner - ragewolf11
Thank you! Very good job!
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How Barbara M Pivnicka started their t-shirt journey


I'm Barbara. My brother Pat Milliken was a world class guitarist who died in his sleep at 47 last month. He had a long term heart ailment. A Facebook Page was started (PAT "GOOD TIMES" MILLIKEN--check it out! You can listen to his album Motif, too) with over 500 friends in three days. Pat's vocabulary was unique--lots of "Pat-ism's."

I would like to develop a business to license the use of these "Pat-ism's" for placement on merchandise and products. Proceeds will benefit the Music Therapy Programs at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, where Pat volunteered, playing for patients.

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

I have surveyed the community of Pat's colleagues and friends through the Facebook page and via direct conversation. There is interest among the musical community around the world--they all play various concert venues and locations. The community is still referring to "Full on Fearless!", EPIC!, and "Good Times!" --what we call "Pat-ism's." They have suggested various product placement ideas including t shirts, mugs, water bottles, bumper stickers, guitar picks and guitar case stickers, in addition to product naming ideas, like a Santa Barbara Coffee flavor, "Full on Fearless."

The audience is dedicated, heartfelt, with some price sensitivity.


I am interested in finding a graphic way to represent the dynamic optimism of Pat Milliken. I would like to see graphic images for these three "Pat-ism's" (Full On Fearless!, EPIC and Good Times!) that would be appropriate for a variety of uses and applications, from t shirt to print to web--but would always have the tagline of Pat "Good Times" Milliken Products, or Full On Fearless Products, used as a copyright or sales mark.

I intend to use CafePress as an online storefront, but the items will additionally be sold at concerts, the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Gift Shop and at music festivals around the world.

I hope that you'll take a look at the FB page PAT "GOOD TIMES" MILLIKEN and read the Discussion Posts about "Pat-isms" or Pat-speak, or Pat haiku's. You may have ideas about other Pat-ism's that would lend themselves to a graphic representation.

Pat was a total cheerleader and booster for his friends, and incredibly positive, ALWAYS. He was a patient in Cottage Hospital for two full years as a teenager, so he became determined to live fully for music. Full On Fearless is SUCH a great anthem for all of us!

Look forward to seeing what you can make of this!

Barbara Milliken Pivnicka

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