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T-Shirt Design for Super Smash Bros. Video Game Site

Designers from around the world are submitting creative designs for Moreliator in t-shirt design - custom.

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I will need the .PSD in AT LEAST 300dpi quality, and I will need to be able to have the design on a transparent background so that I can decide in the end what color shirt I want to put it on. This t-shirt contest is for smashboards.com - see full description please. Submissions of copyrighted material (Nintendo characters, etc) will not be accepted.

What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

See taglines in description

Desired Color Scheme:
This will be screenprinted so please no more than 3 colors max. PREFERENCE GIVEN TO SHIRTS THAT USE LESS COLOR OPTIONS.

Desired Style:
The design should incorporate some aspect of the video game and may include the text SmashBoards or Smash World, or one of the tag lines.

Accepted File Formats:
vector, psd 300dpi

This contest is for a t-shirt design for the website Smash Boards (http://smashboards.com). The website is dedicated to Super Smash Bros. fans. Super Smash Bros. is a video game that was originally made for the Nintendo 64. Since then, its sequel has come out for the gamecube, and another one has been announced for Nintendo Wii now (the official Nintendo site--not ours-- is http://smashbros.com if you want to browse the type of game/graphic style). Basically, it is a fighting game where characters from all different games (e.g. mario, kirby, bowser, DK) duke it out. Players use smashboards.com to organize tournaments and travel all around the country to play in these events.

The following image is an example of something I like - my friend made it for me years ago and we have used it as a logo, but unfortunately I do not have a high enough DPI version of it to use on a t-shirt:

It might be interesting to rework this idea of the Master Hand (the villain of the video game) grabbing a world (the entire site is called Smash World, the forums are called SmashBoards or SWF). The symbol for the game is a circle with two slashes through it.

Also, if you look at the top of SmashBoards.com, you will see a button that says "User CP" with a "hand-sketched" bowser shell above it. I REALLY like this design style. You can search http://smashbrosmelee.com for more information on the smash bros. video game, such as items and screenshots (this the content site that feeds members into smashboards.com). SmashBrawl.com and SmashWiki.com are also domains that are part of "Smash World" that all use smashboards.com as the forums. I know it's kind of confusing with all the different domains, which is why my summer project is to integrate every site onto the smashboards.com domain!!

I am not a huge fan of shirts that have the logo covering the entire front or shirts that are too busy. The design will be printed on a normal short-sleeved t-shirt. I will do my best to keep up with feedback everyday to help you out!!

About 50% of the users on the site are teenagers between ages 13-18, the rest are mostly college aged. I am not necessarily looking to advertise my site on the T-Shirt, so whether or not you include the site name on the shirt is not as important to me. I'm more interested in a smooth looking design that people will want to wear. But including the text could work too I'm open to things!!

I tend to like t-shirts that are darker, solid one-color t-shirts. Darker blues, greens, ash or slate greys are real nice--it all depends on what goes with your design though of course. I am either looking for a general SmashBoards t-shirt or a t-shirt based on one of the following taglines:

Here are some tag lines that you can work with, along with some explanations.

Tires don exits
This is unique to our community. In the game, many people are convinced that there are "tiers" of Super Smash Bros. characters. In other words, the character fox is in tier 1 while mewtwo may be in tier 3. This means that if two equally talented players fight, the one using the higher tier wins; some would say that fox is inherently better than mewtwo. One day, a disgruntled member posted a frustrated message of why he thought tiers do not exist, but he accidently typed the title as "Tires don exits" instead of tiers don't exist. It has been a community joke ever since. Most serious players believe there are tiers in super smash bros. Our wiki has more info on tiers: http://www.smashwiki.com/wiki/Tiers

SWF: Living life, 4 at a time
SWF stands for Smash World Forums, the name of the boards at smashboards.com. In the video game, a "life" is referred to as stock. Typically games are set so that each players get 4 stock (or four lives), meaning once they die four times they lose. This clever tagline was thought up by one of our members.

Mindgames, son
This is a common taunt at the tournament scene.

No Johns
This is also a kind of taunt that translates something like this: "don't make excuses for losing, I just owned you." At the tournament scene, when losing players start complaining about items or tiers or something, it is a common response to say "No Johns!"

BYOC (or B.Y.O.C)
A rip off of BYOB - at tournaments players are often asked to "Bring your own controller"

I am opening up a t-shirt store and am willing to declare multiple winners, so feel free to make as many entries as you want ($150 given to each winning entry)!! Feedback will be given daily; however, I will be flying out of town on Aug. 10 and will not have internet access until the 11 or 12, so no feedback will be given during these days. Before Aug 10 I will be checking and giving feedback several times day though!
Good luck!

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