Completed contest

Fun redesign for r/e investment site

Pivotal needed a new web page design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 56 designs submitted by 24 freelance designers.


One of the designers who made it happen

Winner - Colourworks Media
Thanks for all your hard work, great efforts, excellent response time, and diligence in getting us what we wanted! Colourworks Media has made updating and creating our plain website exciting and easy. Working with Graham was a pleasure.
- Brad7159

How Pivotal started their web page design journey


We are a Real Estate Investment Consulting Firm. Our intention is to adjust our public site to be two things 1) A destination resource for investors. 2) The site needs to be much more sales oriented and be a strong lead generator. Currently the site is very word heavy. We need the pages to be more visual using more graphics and less words to illustrate who we are and what value we bring to the table as succinctly as possible. We have a partial redesign up at a private address listed below. This is your starting point. The original public site is still up and is also listed below

Partially redesigned site not complete is…final.html . important to note the only navigation links that work correctly are on the main page

Existing public site is – This site should be used for reference only the most current version is not public but can be found at the url above

Company name

Pivotal "Investing for Life"

What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

Home Page $150

page should maintain its existing logo and cloud theme but will need the following (4)changes/additions:

1) Main Page 5 Boxes

Should have (4) clickable
boxes for the following headings and copy (design model is flexible but cloud theme and logo should remain)

Join our Newsletter

Stay up to date on market trends,
new emerging growth markets, shifts in the mortgage banking climate, and
valuable educational topics. (Form that should pop up when box clicked) First Last City State email address, notes

Request investment property updates

Click here to receive regular
updates of uncommonly strong, unlisted, real estate investment opportunities
nationwide. (Form that should pop up when box clicked) First, last city state email phone, Notes

Request a Free Consultation

We assess your personal
financial picture, risk and stress tolerance, available time, short and long
term goals, you walk away with a real estate investment model that
will accelerate your wealth building capacity and free up your precious
time for work and play (Form that should pop up when box clicked) First, last, country, city, state, Email phone, how many
properties do you currently own, annual income, credit score if you know it,
best time to contact, notes

Join our partner program

Realtors, Wealth Coaches
and Financial Planners - Expand your client toolset or just add a
lucrative new revenue stream to your businesss by making Pivotal's
nationwide investment services available to your clients. (Form that should pop up when box clicked) First, last,
city, state, Email, phone, type of business, best time to contact, notes

Use our Research and Evaluation tools

Click here to use Pivotal's research and due diligence tools. Everything you need to conduct your own remote research and evaluation of markets and investment properties

2) Add somewhere - Click here to
download a PPT presentation on our Services - or imbedded player. PPTcan be found
on the current main page

3) Clear Concise "Who We Are" Graphic

graphic is one of the most important items on this site, It should
fit with our current branding and simply and cleanly capture attention and
clearly illustrate who we are as a company. Should be a simple graphic that tells a story. Kind of like what can be found at the top of the page at…stment.htm only much cleaner, softer, and more fitting to our brand.
The copy for this graphic is the following...

In-depth market and property
research and evaluation


Tailored R/E investment services and


Uncommonly strong, unlisted,
investment opportunies


Wealth & Security with Massive
time savings

4) Reformat and adjust List of Links

should be visually cleaned up to
match current branding color shape size etc, could be left in place or
repositioned on the page, and need to be changed to the following titles: Home,
Consulting, Investment Property, Go Zone, UK Investors, FAQ(currently questions
page), Education, Research and Evaluation Tools, Testimonials. All other
pages and headings can be removed

A “Call Pivotal Now (408)867-6918

Page $150

page will illustrate our primary product (open to a new title word to id this page
from the main menu)

need to have this page replaced with the following content presented in a
graphical flow chart or storyboard type of presentation. Should fit all on this page. Needs to be
layed out in a way that is visually pleasing, intuative and easy to understand. Maybe headings show up and detail shows up as
the cursor is moved over each heading?.
We are open to ideas here

The Pivotal

STEP 1: Initial Consultation

- We
assess your personal financial picture:
income, assets, credit status, short and long term goals, asset
allocation, debt, risk tolerance, stress tolerance available time etc...

STEP 2: Craft Investment Portfolio Concept

- We
build a concept for what your property portfolio should look like

- Can
be built for growth or cash flow or both and will contain residential, commercial or a combination of the two

STEP 3: Engagement

Execute agreement and finalize the property plan

STEP 4: Shopping

- The
properties consist only of those which fit the investor’s specific profile

STEP 5: Pivotal provides an individual Due Diligence Package
per Property Presented

Consists of info on: the market, sub-market, detailed demographics, 5 year proforma projections for profit and cash flow

- information
is always presented conservatively and is always verified thru multiple sources in market.

STEP 6: Escrow Management assistance

- Once
the client agrees to purchase the property, Pivotal’s team assists in and steps
the client through every aspect of the escrow process.

Advises on contract issues, sets up insurance, inspections,
financing, property management etc.

Helps clients build their local investment property team; includes hiring their
property manager & ensuring the highest probability of a rented property by

Sends a notary to the investor’s home or place of business to execute closing

STEP 7: Property Management

Pivotal trains its investors on how to manage the effective performance of
their property and property manager

Other Products:

Consulting for portfolio reviews and planning on a monthly, quarterly,
bi-annual, annual or greater basis

Portfolio clean up services (individuals who already own property that is performing poorly)

Add a click here box for a free initial consultation (pop up page will be same as from main page)

Add a click here box for an example due diligence package. pop up page will contain either an embedded image (currently PDF) or could download the file

A “Call Pivotal Now (408)867-6918

Property page $150

This Page will contain have 3 focuses

Focus 1 – a visually pleasing, intuitive, easy to understand graphic that illustrates the
two property types

type 1 = Residential property (copy:
single family homes, duplexes and fourplexes/ Rent Ready/ 0-5 years old/ 5% to 20% below market value/Cash Flow neutral or positive, low investor concentration/

Type 2 - Commercial Property (Copy: Hi
Cap Rate/ Low Risk/Low management/ Triple Net Long Term Leases/Primarily
Retail, Strip, Office, Office condo, Storage

Focus II -include the copy from existing markets page…final.html 2
or 3 paragraphs

Focus III - Need a market and property analysis examples
section w links to 4 simple individual pages each containing either an embedded
image(s) of an example proforma analysis spreadsheet(we will provide in Xcel or
PDF) or of a multi page written investment market review packet w pictures
and branding (currently complete in PDF). This section is designed to
tease the user into calling or emailing us inquiring about how to become a
client. This section should be tied to
the focus II section. We are open to
ideas for how this section and the next tier of pages should be laid out. I would also like to have Click here box “for
a free initial investment consultation”.
Should say something like “Pivotal saves you time, stress, and can be
play an integral role in maximizing your profits in real estate. Why not sign up for a free consultation?” (Form that should pop up when box clicked) First, last city state email phone, Notes

A “Call Pivotal Now (408)867-6918

Re-design of existing site pages $50

This redesign for the following pages should maintain
the Logo and clouds tagline bar where they are. I would like change the look of
the rest of the page to be more visually pleasing: Go Zone, UK Investors,
FAQ(currently questions page) Each page should have a click here box "click here to request more information on available properties and investment services. (Form that should pop up when box clicked) First, last, country, city, state, Email phone, how many
properties do you currently own, annual income, credit score if you know it,
best time to contact, notes

A “Call Pivotal Now (408)867-6918

Page $150

We would like this page to be redesigned to include a
section for Podcasts (Use existing copy and links from…inal.html)
and a section for Articles and whitepapers. The articles and whitepapers
section should have a list of articles that will be click through thumbnails or
something along those lines. Secondary pages for each article will be
either embedded files in the page or separate PDF files (intent here is clean,
simple and inexpensive). We will provide the article content in PDF from
past issues of our print magazine.

Should be a click here box " to further your investment education or to sign up for a free consultation that will accelerate your wealth building efficiency in Real Estate click here. (pop up page First, last, country, city, state, Email phone, best time to contact, notes

A “Call Pivotal Now (408)867-6918

and Evaluation Tools page $150

This page
is designed to be a one stop resource for researching and evaluating real
estate markets and investment properties.
This page is being created as a tool to attract investors to the website
and keep them there. People will be
driven here via search engines and pay per click campaigns. This page will contain the following:
A simple value comp search engine
powered by zillow. See for
simple search engine,
A simple value comp search engine
powered by movoto. See for
simple search engine
A simple rental comp search
engine powered by See for simple search engine
A mortgage calculator still need
to find one of these that will run interest only or Principle and interest
A cash flow calculator this will
either be bought or built but will need to be a “click here” button with a
2ndary page with simple input criteria
an Investment return Calculator,
this will also need to be bought or built and will operate like the CF
Links to PDF’s for quarterly
appreciation for major US Cities 1 per quarter for the last 5 years (20 total)
Links to other research websites

In addition to these items
there should the following items designed to drive users to contact us either
via email or phone:
a “hot investment markets” button
that takes the user to the Pivotal markets page
an “emerging markets” button that
takes the user to the Pivotal markets page
A button that sais click here for
an example due diligence package. There
should be a statement driving the user to click this button. “Pivotal assists investors
with investment planning, market and property research and due diligence, and
even provides ready to go uncommonly strong, unlisted residential and
commercial investment opportunities.
A “Call Pivotal Now (408)867-6918
A “Click here for a free initial
consultation” (same pop up as main page

Simple Testimonials
page $50

this will
be a simple page that will lay out (6) approx 130 word testimonials each with
its own category heading, categories are as follows: Catered Service,
Education, Loyal Partnerships, Trusted Advisors Trust Pivotal, Massive Time
Savings, Special Circumstances (1031 Exchange). We will provide written content
and have a large rectangular image for the top of the page but are open to
new ideas

A “Call Pivotal Now (408)867-6918


We want to maintain the existing page structure ie: logo and cloud theme. We are however open to a new tag-line. We want a visually pleasing and elegent design that utilizes whitespace. All design submissions should fit with our current color schemes and branding. We want each pages focus to be on what is important and that is lead generation.

Please let us know if you are also capable of coding and back end development work.

Don't want

We do not want techie looking designs. We do not want design that is overly busy or disruptive to a clean and elegent focus.

Custom package


Free features

  • Open contest
  • Fast-tracked



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