Website redesign case studies: How to boost sales
Redesigning your website can dramatically increase your bottom line. Learn how these companies did just that.  
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Caprice Lifestyle

Caprice Lifestyle launched in 2012 to provide high-end clients with a reliable ticket brokering service. As the company’s business grew, so did the need for a professional website. With a sophisticated look and feel and user-friendly design, their new site quickly built trust with key clients and led to a 26% revenue increase in the first six months.
  • 16% increase in conversion rates
  • 26% increase in revenue

Internet Marketing Highway

Engagement is key to the success of any blog. For this client, who reviews products and shares strategies to help people market their businesses online, a new website was critical to connecting with visitors. A fresh look, improved calls to action and more findable content produced a dramatic 70% increase in mailing list subscribers in the first year alone.
  • 60% increase in traffic
  • 25% revenue growth
  • 70% increase in mailing list growth


Sookasa protects sensitive data both on the cloud and across all connected devices. Because the technology is complex, the company needed a well-designed, user-friendly site to simplify the solution for potential customers. The new website—featuring optimized sign-up forms and SEO-friendly pages—accelerated the company’s revenue growth by 14.3%.
  • 14.3% increase in revenue growth

Tower Paddle Boards

An appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2011 led to a $150K investment from Mark Cuban—and a big jump in paddle board revenue. In 2013 they reached $3.1 million in sales. But after rolling out their new website design from a 99designs contest in early 2014, they went on to do over $5 million in sales—with nearly the exact same amount of new visitors.
  • 45% increase in conversion rates
  • 62% growth in sales
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