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Winning design

Create a Cool and Techy website for those geeks out there!

We sell Electronic gadgets, Tv's, speakers, projectors, Servers for large scale businesses, custom built servers, any...

By techtastic in Web Page

28 Entries $1,899 gold price
Winning design

clean, industrial, professional web design required - ongoing work also required.

protective wear and work footwear...

By Garry38676 in Web Page

84 Entries $1,199 silver price
Winning design

Website Re-design Australian Law Firm

Armstrong Legal is an Australian law firm specialising in criminal law (criminal, traffic & corporate), family law an...

By ecrestani in Web Page

115 Entries $2,799 platinum price
Winning design

2015 Belle Website

Real Estate Franchise, with approx 60 offices in QLD, NSW, SA and soon to be in VIC. We are a boutique premium agen...

By phil.collins in Web Page

123 Entries $2,799 platinum price
Winning design

Create GICS new Website

Specialised Cleaning - ie., Flood. Fire and Mould restoration, High ropes Cleaning and maintenance, Carpet and hard f...

By cary_enterprises in Web Page

121 Entries $2,049 gold price
Winning design

Create the most modern expensive webpage

I sell Bluetooth devices on amazon USA.Target audience is 18-40 year old male and female...

By scott.frew in Web Page

44 Entries $1,599 gold price
Winning design

Pentalpha Investments needs creative, modern designers!

Pentalpha Investment Management is an investment management service targeted towards the professional and institution...

By Ramen22 in Web Page

67 Entries $599 bronze price
Winning design

Kyeema website

Kyeema helps entrepreneurs launch their ideas into businesses. We assist with business strategy, financial forecasti...

By Andre O in Web Page

123 Entries $1,349 silver price
Winning design

Car Loan Website

By mkrayem in Web Page

90 Entries $1,499 silver price
Winning design

Need fresh, single-page-look for tech company Sixtree. Existing style guide. 

Our current site is too complicated.  We want a fresher 'single page look'.  Home and Blog pages will be key.

By brett.wilson in Web Page

55 Entries $3,099 platinum price
Winning design

Office Clear Outs Website

We are a professional Office and Commercial Clear outs / Strip Outs company. Our customer are mainly corporate, gover...

By desmond J in Web Page

72 Entries $599 bronze price
Winning design

Design a fresh new website for a Craft Beer company!

We distribute mixed cases of Craft Beer to our our subscribers. We have a lot of people buying our products as gifts,...

By cam.elliot79 in Web Page

88 Entries $749 bronze price


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