99designs.com launches ready-made logo store

San Francisco
10 Feb 2010

Thousands of High Quality Logos Can Be Purchased and Customized from 99

BUSINESS WIRE -— 99designs.com, the #1 marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design for small business, today announced a new ‘Ready-made’ logo store where thousands of professional logos can be browsed, purchased and customized starting at just 99. The ‘Ready-made’ logo store from 99designs.com provides small businesses immediate access to a catalogue of original and professional logos while also creating additional opportunities for designers to generate revenue. The Ready-made storefront is now accessible and accepting logo uploads with the first logos available for sale in March.

The logo store compliments the existing design contest marketplace at 99designs.com to create two options for sourcing professional logos at an affordable price. Small businesses looking for the fastest solution can pick a logo “off the shelf” at the Ready-made store and quickly have it customized to fit their needs. Meanwhile, clients who desire the highest level of customization can choose to have their logo created from scratch by crowdsourcing it to the community of designers at 99designs.com.

"While our popular design contest marketplace is ideal if you're looking for a fully customized logo, many small business owners simply want a fast, cost effective, ‘off the shelf’ option,” said Mark Harbottle, Co-founder of 99designs.com. “With thousands of professional logo designs ripe for the picking, our new logo store serves this purpose nicely. At the same time, our 60,000 active designers who upload a fresh design every 10 seconds to 99designs.com will welcome another potential source of income, and another channel to expose their talent to thousands of new customers."

99designs.com is currently working with its designers to prepare and categorize the Ready-made logos for sale. Designers interested in uploading logos for sale can do so by visiting http://99designs.com/readymade/submit/logo. The first logos will be available for purchase in March at http://99designs.com/readymade/logos.

About 99designs

99designs is the largest marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design, connecting passionate designers from around the globe with savvy clients who need design projects completed in a timely fashion without the usual risk or cost associated with professional design services. It has held over 28,000 design contests to date with over 2,600,000 unique designs submitted. For more information please visit: 99designs.com.

Jason Aiken