How 99designs Changed One Designer’s Life...

4 Sep 2008

We get a lot of email from clients and designers encouraging us to keep up the great work. We often circulate these messages amongst the team — it gives us a real kick. Here’s one we received earlier this week that really resonated with the team…


I just wanted to write you and say “Thank You” for developing 99designs. It has been truly a life saver for me. I would say that most of the designers are young an upcoming, while I am old enough to be their mother. I started studying art and design in high school many years ago. Because of family commitments, I wasn't able to pursue my dreams of becoming a graphic artist. I still tinkered with web design whenever I got the chance between being a parent, full time professional, cooking, cleaning, children activities, etc., etc.

Now that my children are grown, my husband gone, and I’m disabled, I found my true passion again. I found SitePoint by chance and started entering contest. I started with logos, but found that wasn’t my forte. Then I started entering web design uncoded contest. It took awhile but I started winning contest. I even won 5 contests for the month of February. I was even getting invited to enter contest.

I couldn't believe how well this was working. Because of 99designs, several design firms noticed my work and I now have more offers than I can handle. In the last 4 months, I have made over $20,000 from designing websites outside of 99designs. I haven’t had time to enter but a couple of contest on 99designs because of the outside offers. I owe this all to SitePoint and 99designs.

Being disabled, I am unable to go out and chase down new clients. I depended on word of mouth and clients viewing my designs on 99designs. I understand a lot of designers feel that sites like 99designs undervalue their work and talent. I have to disagree. Sites like 99design give individuals with talents, whether young or old, able or disabled, schooled or unschooled, an opportunity to display their art and demonstrate their abilities. It isn't easy. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and patience.

Again, Thank you 99designs. Through your contest my dream is finally coming true. It may have took 25 years, but better late than never.

Kindest regards,

It’s easy to get caught up in the technology and the business of making things bigger and better, and forget about the people who are actually using your site…

We try to stay as connected as we can to our users, we talk to you regularly via these blogs, private message, email, and of course our user voice page, but we never expected that this site could have such a profound impact on one person’s life. It made our day!