Reimagining F1 Team logos with 2022’s design trends

Melbourne, Australia
18 Jul 2022
The past decade has seen incredible advancements in motor sports, from engineering innovation to visual branding. Fueled in no small part by international Netflix hit, Drive to Survive, the sport is reaching new heights as younger, bigger audiences embrace the drama of Formula 1. In one of the longest Grand Prix seasons ever, international racing is taking center stage in 2022, with brands like Aston Martin, Ferrari and McLaren cementing their place in pop culture.

Ahead of the French Grand Prix later this month, global creative platform 99designs by Vista worked with its international community of freelance designers to give the ten racing team logos an unofficial makeover. Taking inspiration from the hottest design trends of 2022, the result is a series of reimagined logo designs that capture the energy of the sport, the creative industry, and these iconic brands.

“From retro rubber hose characters, to Ukiyo-e inspired illustration, bubble design and parametric pattern, these reimagined logo concepts bring some of the year’s biggest visual trends to life in a way that we hope resonates with design and motor sport fans,” said 99designs by Vista CEO, Patrick Llewellyn. “Created by freelance designers across four continents, the creativity and scope of the project reflects the global appeal and excitement the sport is inspiring in popular culture and mainstream audiences around the world.”

All 10 reimagined racing team logos with commentary from designers can be seen here:

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