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Specialize in web banner designs. Please feel free to contact for 1-to-1 projects.

Member since: October 25, 2009
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"Superb, professional work. Highly recommend!"
Profile picturenproctor
"Excellent job! Highly recommend!"
Profile picturenproctor
"Excellent job turning a pretty broad creative brief into a visually stunning banner ad. Incorporated feedback with ease. Highly recommend!"
Profile picturenproctor
"Great designs, timely responses! Lots of updates!"
Profile pictureJason Berg
"Great job yet again :-)"
Anonymous client
"Another awesome job! Thank you"
Profile pictureCodecov
"Great work! Very nice illustrations and work. "
Profile pictureCodecov
"Great job! Very responsive"
Profile picturemason sharpe
"Everything went smoothly. Anakbabe worked with us to make some visual enhancements that the client was happy with. "
Anonymous client
"Quick, brilliant, effective designs."
Anonymous client
"a2n was *wonderful* to work with. Each time I asked for changes to the design ranging from text size, color, overall color tone, shadowing, etc. the response was exactly as I hoped: quick and seamless. I would recommend working with a2n to anyone loo..."
Profile pictureKeyLime
"Excellent designer and easy to work with; made every change I requested and was prompt; highly recommended."
Profile pictureFollowTerry
"We had lots of designs from many talented designers, but in the end we liked the clean professional look of the design by a2n. We are very pleased with our result!"
Profile picturePogilby
"Excellent job. Just what I was looking for. Peter Askes PT, Cert. MDT"
Profile pictureaskesp
"Yantoro (a2n) was GREAT to work with. He was patient with me and took the time to make sure i had what I needed. I will be using him again. Thanks !"
Profile pictureJwolfslc
"a2n is a very professional and hard-working individual who made many changes for us. We're glad we have found a good freelancer to use in future projects "
Profile picturePaul222122
"Good job. A2n has a real tallent for make really great looking designs."
Profile pictureTaomax8
"Great design - you really delivered what we were looking for with this banner ad."
Profile pictureCalTexan